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The Grand Experiment - Pay What You Feel It's Worth

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Never before, in our lifetimes, has human connection and access to experience been more valuable than in this current period of climate and pandemic induced change. As we emerge from a time of such uncertainty and isolation we're all going to need to pull out road maps; some from the past and some we'll need to plot as we go. It is critical to ensure that as many people as possible can access the navigational support they need to survive, create and sustain us all in moving towards a more positive future. Those of us with deep lived experience, in overcoming adversity, can rise to help meet this challenge by turning our hard-earned skills into being of service to others. That's why I've launched - to specifically extend to others the mentoring and facilitation work I've already being doing, with so many of my clients and associates, for so many years.

The WHY Behind the Model

I'm honing in on what I can personally give, one-to-one, beyond the scope of my strategy firm - Forward Thinking Design.

In order to remove barriers to access (and in order to practice what I preach) I've adopted a Pay What You Feel It's Worth (ie. negotiable fee) model. This phrasing has been carefully chosen not to be 'pay what you can afford'; thereby implying a sense of lack, but rather using the words 'feel' and 'worth' to start an open and honest conversation about money, access and how we can relate to each other with compassion and respect.

Of course, the decision about what anyone pays does come down to finding an overlap point between recognising my service, through earning, and what the person can actually afford - and I entirely understand and respect that. Being realistic and honest about money is critical, but why not frame things in the more positive language of optional 'investment' rather than 'charge'? I'm enjoying having worked (and saved) myself into a modest but comfortable financial position that allows me the freedom to offer each individual/organisation the opportunity to set a customised value and experience that meets them where they're at.

The Invitation

I invite you to join me in conversation about investing in ourselves, our projects and our organisations, in balance with our individual contexts, means and visions for the future. I have not taken this approach lightly but I have arrived at the openness and confidence to explore. To help allay the confusion of those who don't know where to even start, a tiered fee/cost comparison is provided in the detailed description of each of my Services. As the top concern I hear is: "But I don't want to offend you by not being able to offer you what your service is really worth"; this comparison is provided to help allay judgement and support you to feel more comfortable with custom designing our experience together. Remember that 'worth' and 'value' is very individual and context specific. If you don't see a comparison there that fits your situation, please just reach out and let me know?

Some Booking Specifics

To book with me, you choose the Individual or Enterprise Service and calendar opening that suits you. Within 24hrs I will contact you to verify if you'd like to set a fixed value payment prior OR determine and pay 'the worth' (tip style) at conclusion of our session (by EFTPOS), for the service formats where this option is available. My services can be booked by one-off or as a series.

Worth and Value

I am accountable to you to provide a service of value, if that is the measure by which you will pay. The perceived 'value' of anything is relative and very much determined by individual context - AUD$120 may be a high value figure to someone living below the poverty line but peanuts to someone of means. You will vote with your $$$, time and testimonials if you believe in the value of your experience with me, and choose to support sustaining my service to you and to others.

To provide a service of benefit to you I need to really listen to you, hear you, see you, meet you where you are at, understand your ethics, put your needs first, challenge you, support you and help you to grow in ways you deem good. Your experience needs to be satisfying and rewarding; time and money well spent on yourself (or your organisation) and on us building our collective world together.

How much worth/value will you place upon being able to talk through your thoughts and challenges? Upon taking time out to invest in your own well-being and the progress of your undertakings? What are these questions (and difficult conversations) worth to YOU, right now, in reflecting on your connection with self, your business, career, stakeholders, finances and future?

Will you accept my invitation to explore?...

What are your thoughts on co-designing your own custom mentoring experience with me and discussing this Pay What You Feel It's Worth model? Please inquire directly - don't be afraid!

Whether an individual or an organisation - take a chance on booking a first free 15 minute chat - no obligation - you've nothing to lose :-)

Looking forward to meeting you...


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