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Or are you a weed?

The much maligned, the ugly one, the spiky one, the wrong colour, the blade of grass that always grows too tall, the shoot that always makes out in a different direction, breaking the border?

Never fitting in with the same, same, sameness of the otherwise perfectly aligned and manicured multitude, to which we may so ardently aspire that we'll even turn to plastic replicas instead, seeking to avoid the 'high maintenance'' involved in constantly dealing with the likes of you?

Are you a dandelion? So different and non compliant, yet one of the most versatile, resilient and nutrient dense beings in our surrounds? Every day you rise and volunteer your richness but do we see the aching beauty in you? Do we buy your brother 'rocket' in plastic bags in the shops whilst pulling you up and tearing you apart? Do you struggle to turn your golden face to the sun, as on one hand we poison you, whilst on the other hand paying a premium to consume your essence in a latte in Sydney or California? Do we/they/you eat YOU up?

Are you a bindii? Using your clever form to ride on public transport - you're always on the move, really going places, sowing richness wherever you land. But we don't appreciate you sticking with us and greening wherever we go. We're fair weather friends, only loving you when you're coming up clover, but never there for you when you're feeling a little prickly. You've always had our backs, but we/they so rarely yours.

There's been a lot of poison going around this year and we might all be yearning for greener pastures. But maybe now is still the time to pause, take a quiet moment, crouch down and take a closer look at ourselves and at each other. If we never stop to look, listen, enquire, never stop and seek to care, ask, learn and understand... we'll never appreciate the richness in ourselves and that surrounds us. The beauty in the different and the ''ugly'', in the ''not like everyone else''.

I like weeds. They light me up. They're better than just OK.

R U?


#ruokday #mentalhealth #wellbeing #changemaker #diversity

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