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To All The Vegan Businesses Out There...

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Don't try to be the best vegan business. It's too small a market. Aim to be the best business. That's when doors open and things really start to change.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be niche and look to own your niche. I'm encouraging you to do that and more - set your sights beyond just the vegan market and look to go all the way. Be the best pie at the pie competition. The best chocolate in the chocolate competition. The best Cafe in town. The best business in the business awards.

Not sure what I mean?

Example: striving to be the best vegan cheese company is one thing, but striving to create a cheese (and business) so good that it can take on the dairy cheese industry, and not only attract vegans but also omnis's... well then you're really onto something.

And it's not just about your product. It's about the quality of your systems and processes, your marketing, your legal and financial decisions, your sales strategies, whether or not you are paying yourself, breaking even, turning a profit and the quality of the advice you are receiving.

No one ever said business is easy. It's lonely at the top. But if you're going to do it, find the easier ways that let you step away from the grind - to innovate, to lead, to create. To fulfill YOUR value. Aim for the stars and chase that altitude like a pro. If you fail to be the best overall then at least you'll have likely been the best in the smaller world of veganism.

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