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How do I get ‘unstuck’?

That is the number one question that I get asked by everyone; from founders, CEO’s and Boards, to sole trader yoga teachers and people at career crossroads.

They always come to me ‘stuck’.

The funny thing is though...

The issue that they think they are stuck on, frequently turns out not to be where they are stuck at all.

That’s because being 'stuck' tends to point to something more significant going on.

As I unpack EVERYTHING with them – what’s going on in the different segments of their business, their team, themselves... we tend to find a jumble of too many things, too much info, too many voices, too many interests, too many choices, too many opportunities. Or not enough information, not knowing the right questions, going down the drain, or around and around and around, not making any headway.

And that’s perfectly ok…

Chances are that they are missing the space and order needed to frame quality decision making...

Ways to unclutter all the noise and get all the voices, and options, and questions to quieten down...

Even when it might all seem hopeless; it’s often because they’re all caught up ‘in it’...

Rather than being able to step back, take a breath and work ‘on it’...

In a calm, ordered, informed and objective fashion.

And so we make space together.

We calm the storm.

We examine what it is that we don’t know.

We might seem to have lots of info but we often don’t have the really good stuff that can help us make great decisions. Sometimes we need someone to ask us the right questions to help us go find that good stuff. From within and without – the stuff that really matters.

And so we start back at the very beginning - no matter whether as an organisation or as an individual...

Who are you?

What really matters to you and ‘your people’?

What is your place in the world?


That’s ground zero.

Only from there can we now start to climb back up,

Examining each issue, each problem, each confusion, against those core principles.

Pulling at all the threads until finally unknotted

And instead….

..... aligned.

And then starting again, to move forward with curiosity, with energy.

Mapping out the one single smallest step you can take today.

And today.

And today.

To break the inertia.

The one solid question.

The one next practical task.

To propel you on the journey.

As you now realise...

You’re on your way again

And ‘stuck’ is a thing of the past.

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